A Word From Our Sponsors by Aaron Heil

Eyes Closed by Sarah Hooker



How to Remember How to Warm Bedsheets by Dustin Stoddart

Letter to No One in Particular, Sent to My Friends by Oskar Mason

My Dogged Campaigning by Meridith Koch

Poor Men’s Currency by Jessica Simpkiss



A Hiker / Gold Bracelet by Kenneth Pobo

Ghetto Meets Midtown by John Grey

Heartfelt by Brandon Marlon

Hurricane: History of Man by Anastasia Jill

OK – CRAP by J Martin

She Loves Herself, She Does Not Like Herself / Shattered Dishes  by Collie Smigliani


Visual Art

A Dog’s Life by J. Ray Paradiso

Dead Machine Board pt 2; Dead Machine Board pt 3; Dead Machine Board pt 5 by Federico Federici

Portobello Beach – Edinburgh; Resistência – Argentina; Whitehorse – Yukon by Cristina Bresser de Campos *Cover Artist*

Stray; Phlox by Aleah Fitzwater

Underworld by Rhett Pritchard