it is not that I am cold or

numb along the insides

of my ribcage, or that my

eyes have frozen over


it is just that I have changed

against your fingertips, and

you left callouses bruising

against my heart as though

you were merely planting

flowers there


people call me bitter and

harsh; they wonder where

my soft, pink hands went

and why my mouth isn’t

so wet and gentle


darling, you molded me into such a cruel little thing


Jade Homa is a passionate dog lover, pasta enthusiast, and sapphic poet. At age 19, she has already written over 50 poems and several short stories; her work primarily focuses on themes of softness, gender, mental illness, sexuality, and intersectional feminism. Jade’s debut poetry book, growing pains, will be released in fall 2019.

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Instagram: @jadehoma

August 14, 2018

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