Nicole Miritis was born in Montreal, she lived and studied in the United States where she completed a degree in Computer Science, but later returned to her hometown. She married and as a working mom, had spent close to 25 years in the computer industry before a serious back injury forced her to take a leave of absence. The last 5 years have been difficult, and she had to cope with her chronic condition and lifestyle changes, so she turned to painting.

A recent art teacher described her as a ‘recovering artist’, this statement redefined her and she discovered her passion for art. Her painting style has been considered different as she enjoy’s using different mediums and incorporates found paper materials into her artwork, thus, redefining once again the word ‘recover’.

Nicole’s artistic journey has permitted her to progress as a self-taught, mixed media artist and enjoys working with different mediums. Her creative expression on canvas has been described as fearless and her way of thinking which is out of the box is often depicted in her artwork. She has a portfolio of varied accomplishments, including a publication, art exhibits both local and international, workshops and community projects.

August 14, 2018

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