There’s a poem here.

But I don’t really know what it is.

Or who it’s about.

Or why it showed up.


We we’re just dipping our feet, in your aunt’s green

algae ridden pool. We didn’t care about



We cared that after spending so much time alone

in your aunt’s house, where there

was no AC so that every





felt like they weighed 1000 degrees.


We were worried that we would burn alive.


But we didn’t. And It felt good

to dip our feet.


To let ourselves be cold for a little while.


Joseph Walls is an aspiring writer from the South Bend area. He spends his day caring for his cats and trying to refine his voice. He hopes that someday someone sees his poetry as “their own good words” whatever that means to them. He has been published in The Internet Void before and is trying to expand his horizons all the time.

He tweets @jwalls

September 22, 2018

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