How to Be a Man


Bleed from your mouth

Bleed from your nose


Bleed in a bar

Bleed in a library


Bleed loudly

Bleed often


Ask your father about bleeding

Write a book about bleeding


Paint a picture

Of bleeding


Name your son



Pray for bleeding

Weep for lack of bleeding


Bleed for fun

Bleed to die


But do not

Bleed because.



C.J. Strauss is a transgender writer and artist currently pursuing their B.A. in English at Barnard College. Their art and writing has been published both internationally and domestically by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, The Claremont Review, Vade Mecum Magazine, GREYstone Youth Litmag, Echoes Literary Magazine, RATROCK Magazine, and the Barnard Bulletin. C.J. presently interns at the Poetry Society of New York where their responsibilities include social media management and community engagement.

They Tweet @cjsxyz


September 22, 2018

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