The water runs loud enough to drown out

the sounds of those screams


coming from inside,

begging you here.


This is your home—

Our home.






Empty Table

Walk down the halls
At every corner, see the ghost of who he used To be
Stop and stare at all
That’s left-
Who is he?
This man sitting downstairs




“One Night”


Evening motel, flickering lights,

cigarettes on the nightstand. Broken AC.


Your voice.


The heat of your body

rubbing against mine


reminds me –

I didn’t want to.


So I push you away

Like I wasn’t able to with him.


Ryan Pickney is a student at The University of La Verne in Southern California. Her poetry has been published and is forthcoming in several magazines and journals.

Keep up with her on Twitter @ryanpickney_

December 12, 2018

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