Regg Davis is an artist. More work of his can be found on his Instagram:

Statement: This conceptual series of highly saturated, multi-sensory optical art imaginings are part of a larger instillation in the work utilizing visual art images as points of focus for the practice of mindfulness and meditation in a gallery space. Creating an immersive experience for the viewer; an imaginative engagement of visual movement, pattern, and color.

For me, the beauty of a good concept art piece can be themed around a single idea. In this case the analog technology used to create the cathode ray tube phosphors and television distortions that would appear on vintage television sets. Sometimes in triads and stripes of phosphorus red, blue and green. And then advanced by adjusting certain aspects of the CRT’s, when applied to my digital imagery with 3D qualities that accentuate traditional artistic elements of shape, line, color values and texture, placed in dimensional space. The multidimensional effect is part digital, ink, aquarelle, graphic design, and photography.
They have even more dimensional definition with 3D glasses.

Viewers will also be provided materials to create their own personal mandalas or other images of meaning that aggregates personal insight, coming from their own “spiritual” life and their world.

Not only will the instillation benefit the viewer through the meditative experience, will also foster a deeper appreciation for the visual arts , by stimulating the process of self-observation; through reflective attention on images. And will also serve as a celebration of the sacred intention in art making, and creativity as a whole.

Letting the viewer explore the intersection between the practice of looking and the practice of mindfulness meditation as an antidote to the overstimulation from these hyperactive times.


June 8, 2018

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